Join It’s Chemistry Not Character. is a community of people with opioid use disorder and those who care about them – including family, friends, and doctors. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to the fact that an opioid use disorder is a predisposed genetic disease and not a moral failing. Join us here to change the conversation that currently takes place in society on opioid use disorder so we can change the approach to reducing this national epidemic which kills more than 70 Americans each day. All of our lives have been touched by people suffering from opioid addiction. There are medicines that work. Please join the movement, #itschemnotchar, to change the conversation and end the stigma associated with opioid addiction. Collaborating with us on this mission are the teams at, Wondros, Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, Camurus and Scientific American Custom Media.  Submit your email address to join the movement.

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